As I was upgrading my blogs from 2.3.2 to 2.6, I started collecting a list of plugins that I wanted to test before upgrading.  Over time this became a convenient way to keep track of all the plugins I’ve been evaluating and to provide a short summary of my experiences with them.  Of course, I don’t claim to have tested any of these plugins thoroughly or with all configuration.  I host WordPress with MySQL v5.0.45-community-nt, PHP 5.2.4, IIS 6 on Windows Server 2003..

Name Version Min WP Version WP Version State Evaluation
404 Notifier 1.2a 1.5 2.6 Testing I haven’t seen any notifications produced by this plugin yet.  I suspect this doesn’t work with IIS, only with Apache.  Bummer.
SmartLinks Widget by Adaptive Blue 1.0   2.3.2 Evaluating This plugin is intended for sites that have links to books, music, movies, etc.  My blogs don’t have very many, if any, references like these, so this may not be a good plugin for me.
@Reply \w comment preview 0.2 2.3      
Accordion 0.2        
admin-menus * 2.5.3 2.5 2.5.1 Approved  
admin-only-categories 1.0 2.6     Allows you to display certain categories only to admins.
Admin Color: Fresh Plus Visited * 1.0   2.6.2 In Use Simply colors visited links differently than unvisited.  I’m not sure why this isn’t the default.
NOTE: This plugin doesn’t work on WP 2.7.
Admin Menu * 4.2 2.0 2.5.1 Works Works fine, but I don’t like the fact that it always shows up, even if you aren’t logged in.  You also can’t modify the colors to better fit your theme without modifying the style sheet – not a good solution if multiple sites are hosted out of the same WordPress installation.
AJAX Calendar 2.4.9 2.0 2.7 In Use Allows visitors to navigate the archive calendar without refreshing the page.  It probably means they are querying for and downloading more info, but hopefully the functionality will outweigh the perf hit.
AJAXed WordPress 1.23.5 2.1 2.6.2 Testing Adds AJAX features to WordPress in a modular format where each module is like a plugin similar to WordPress plugins.
I’ve tried out a few features that seem to work (rich text comment editor) and others that don’t (reCAPTCHA).
Akismet 2.2.3   2.7 In Use Essential tool for catching spam comments.
Authenticator 0.2 1.5      
Author Highlight eXtended Version * 1.5        
AutoCompletion Searches * 1.00   2.7 In Use Displays a drop-down of terms it finds on your blog, just like on Windows Explorer (probably others as well, but I’ve only used Windows).
Backlinks 0.8 2.3     Adds backlinks to your posts similar to Google backlinks.
BackUpWordPress 0.4.5 2.1      
Baltic Amber Admin Themes and Schemes 1.43 2.5      
Batch Categories * 1.4   2.5.1 Testing  
bbPress Live 0.1 2.6.1     Allows the display of information from a bbPress 1.0 forum.
Berri Technorati Reactions on Dashboard 2.0 2.5 2.6 Broken Worked fine up to 2.5.1 but is broken in 2.6.  Author has been notified.
Better Tags Manager * 0.1 2.5 2.5.1 In Use  
Blog Voyeur 0.2   2.3.2    
Bot Tracker 2.3.0        
Branded Admin * 0.1        
Branded Login Screen * 1.0        
Breadcrumb Titles For Pages 1.1.0 2.0.11      
Broken Link Checker 0.4.10 2.0.2 2.3.2, 2.6 In Use Very nice.  It hasn’t found any broken links on my site yet, though, so I don’t know how that part works.
Broken Links Remover 1.1 2.3      
BT-Active Discussions 1.1.4 2.5      
Calendar 1.2.1 2.0      
Categories Autolink * 2.0 2.3      
Category Cloud Widget 1.7 2.0 2.3.2    
Category Search 1.0.1 2.0      
cformsII – contact form 10.2 2.0.2 2.7 Testing Very complete forms package.  Requires you to modify a file if you use virtual directories, which is not good if multiple sites use the same WordPress folder. I’m working with the author to come up with a solution to this one.  Also, all the styles are fixed-width styles, most of which are quite narrow.  The nice thing about this is that the styles are fully customizable. * 1.1 2.5     Allows you to search for clip art images while you are writing your posts on
Collapsible Elements 2.1 2.2 2.5.1 In Use  
Comment Info Tip * 1.6   2.6 Evaluating Haven’t been able to get this to work reliably.
Comment License 1.2        
Configurable Tag Cloud 4.5        
Configure SMTP * 2.0   2.7 In Use Finally! A plugin that allows me to use all those email plugins.  Unfortunately there are all too many plugins that call mail() directly instead of wp_mail().
Cronjob Control * 0.4.1     In Use Shows all active WP cronjobs in the "Site Admin" area.  Very nicely done.  It took me a minute to find where the page was.  I finally found it under Manage. 

  • Should name the page simply Cronjobs (aka Manage Cronjobs).
  • Should put a link to the Cronjob Control page on his site on the page.
  • Should specify the URL to the Cronjob Control page as the URL of the plugin instead of the root URL to his site.</UL.< td>
Cross-references 1.4.03 2.5 2.7 In Use Fantastic improvements in the plugin from 1.2 to 1.3.  You can now specify slugs instead of IDs, and if you switch between the two the plugin will do the dirty work of modifying all your posts.  It now also has an option to add a Related Posts section to your posts.  I’ve added this section to several themes.  I can now remove that.  Yippee!
Custom Admin Post Listing * 1.1   2.5.1 Testing  
Custom Function Widgets * 0.2        
Custom Permalinks 0.3.1 2.6   Busted on IIS Set the URL of any post, tag, or category to anything you want.
Looks like it doesn’t work on IIS.  It’s possible that the Ionics Isapi Rewriter is getting in the way or just simply that it doesn’t work for IIS.
Customizable Post Listings 3.0.1   2.5.1 Testing  
Customizable Search Widget * 1.2 2.2      
Dagon Design Form Mailer * 5.6   2.6.2 In Use Works nice, even on IIS, after modifying it to use the wp_mail() function instead of the PHP mail() function.  Extremely customizable.  Allows you to create multiple forms as well.  
One caveat I found.  It is currently including the email header info in the message.  I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix this.  
With all it’s flexibility, I haven’t been able to spend enough time with it to make the resulting page look good.  Right now it centers all the controls.  I would prefer that the form is more left-justified instead.  I’m sure it’s possible, though.
NOTE: Version 5.6 doesn’t appear to work in WP 2.7 – not sure why yet – investigating.
Dagon Design Sitemap Generator 3.15 2.1 2.6.2 In Use  
Dashboard Widget Manager 1.3.1   2.6.2 In Use Allows you to organize your dashboard.  Not sure if it’s per-user but I suspect not.  Note that v1.3.0 doesn’t work with WP 2.6, but v1.3.1 does.
Deprecated for WP 2.7.
DashboardZone *          
DGE_InlineRSS 0.93        
Digg Digg 1.2 2.0      
Digg This * 1.02        
Direct Image URLs For Galleries 1.0.0 2.5      
Disable Theme Preview 1.0.0 2.6      
DL-MENU 1.1 2.2      
Drop Caps 2.1 2.3 2.6.2 Tested, no longer in use. Very cool effect on the site.  Gives posts a book or magazine feel.  Found one problem with the Dagon Design Sitemap Generator – the text at the bottom of the sitemap is right-justified, but the first character is displayed at the beginning of the line instead of next to the next letter in the line.  
Unfortunately the effect doesn’t always format properly.  As a result I’ve since deactivated this plugin.
DRP-Feeds Widget 1.0        
DRP-Meta Widget 1.0        
DRP-Multi-Blog Keywords 1.1   2.6.2 In Use Displays information about blogs hosted in the same directory.  Good for a root blog.
DualFeeds * 1.11   2.6.2 Not in use due to failure to validate Adds a summary feed in addition to the full feed.  Also allows you to add RSS links to each post/page if desired.  
Note: Produces code that doesn’t validate.
Easy Gravatars 1.2.1   2.6.2   Works very well.  Some themes in 2.5 have support for gravatars by calling the built-in method, but WordPress doesn’t provide any mechanism for customizing how they are displayed.  The bummer here is that for those themes (e.g. the Default theme) activating this plugin provides a lousy user experience.
Easy Post-to-Post Links * 2.0        
EasyTube 1.5        
Email Spam Protection 1.2 2.6      
Enhanced Links 4.2.3 2.5      
Enhanced Recent Posts 1.1.0 2.5      
Enlarger * 2.2        
Epic Theme Viewer * 0.1        
eShop 2.9.3 2.5     Shopping cart plugin that integrates into WordPress and uses PayPal.
Event Calendar * 3.1.1._rc3   2.6.2 In Use Uses posts as events on a schedule.  Fairly robust, but doesn’t provide a month-at-a-glance calendar with event titles in each day box.
Events Calendar 6.4        
Events Manager 1.0.1 2.5.1      
Exclude Pages 1.4        
Exec-PHP 4.9 2.0 2.7 In Use Allows you to write PHP code in a post or page.  The visual editor built-in to WordPress doesn’t handle pages with PHP on them very well, but sometimes the only way to add some types of content is by using PHP, so this is a terrific plugin.  As I have time I am modifying plugins to use shortcodes instead so that I can avoid using PHP and can revert to using the visual editor again.
Extended Category Widget 1.4.1 2.3      
External Links * 2.12        
Extra Feed Links 1.1.1 2.5      
Facebook Dashboard Widget 0.9        
FeedBurner FeedSmith * 2.3.1 1.5      
FeedCache 1.0.5 2.3      
First Timer * 1.0        
Flash Video Player 2.1        
flickrRSS 4.0        
Fluency Admin * 1.2        
G-Lock Double Opt-in Manager 1.2.2 2.5     Allows visitors to subscribe to your mailing list using a double opt-in method.
G4B Photo Gallery 1.0 2.2      
GD LinkedIn Badge 1.3.0 2.0      
GD Pages Navigator 3.5.0 2.5      
GD Plugin Core 1.0.3 2.5      
GD Star Rating 1.0.5 2.5      
GetRSS 0.0.6        
Google Analytics 2.4        
Google Maps for WordPress 1.0.2        
Google XML Sitemaps        
HeadSpace2 3.6.13 2.0 2.7 Testing Gives you a lot of control over meta tags as well as a bunch of other functionality in WordPress.
Highlight Author Comments 1.0.2 1.5 2.6.2 In Use Nice solution for themes that don’t have built-in support for highlighting author comments.  v1.0.2 fixes a bug where the opening paragraph tag wasn’t being included.  
My only beef is that it doesn’t do a case-insensitive comparison on the email address, which means I have to edit the file every time I upgrade.  Hopefully the author will add that in a future version.
Homepage Excerpts * 1.0        
Impostercide * 1.2        
Impress * 0.01 (beta)        
Improved Include Page 0.4.5 1.5.3      
Inline Posts * 2.1.2.g        
inlineRSS 1.1       It appears that the author has removed the link to this plugin.
In-Series 3.0.12 1.5.2 2.7 In Use Provides a way to associate posts into a series, including a table of contents on each post.
Internal Link Building * 1.1        
is_human() 1.4.2        
JavaScript Pull-Quotes * 2.2        
jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries 1.1.0 2.6      
jQuery Reply to Comment 1.11 2.6      
Kish Twitter 1.0 2.0.2      
Lameda (List Attachment MEtaDAta) 0.1.5       Allows shortcodes to be used to display metadata present in images.
Landing Sites 1.4 2.0.2 2.7 Testing Cool idea.  I’ve got it displaying something on my site, but it doesn’t find any matches.
Lifestream 0.73d 2.5     Feed plugin.
Lighter Menus 2.7.5   2.6.2 In Use I love this one.  It makes it so much easier to navigate the WordPress admin menus.  I like this better than the others because of the appearance and the look-and-feel.  
Two problems:

  1. If there are too many top-level menu options, they overlap in the middle.  This only seems to happen in IE7, although it works best on Safari and Opera.
  2. If the maximum number of items in a menu is exceeded (default value is 30, but it’s configurable), it’s supposed to display the options in horizontal lists.  This doesn’t work properly in any of the 4 main browsers.
    1. In IE7 and Safari, the lists exceed the right border of the window preventing you from being able to click on some of the options.
    2. Opera gets this partially right and displays the menu within the browser window if it is far enough to the left.  Otherwise it behaves like IE7 and Safari.
    3. FF2 seems to ignore this option.

Deprecated for WP 2.7.

Lijit Search 1.01 2.3 2.6 No longer in use due to validation failure Fabulous extension to  search which logs searches and allows you to modify the search feature to search across multiple sites.  
Note that this plugin causes your pages to fail the XHTML validator.
Link Indication 3.2 1.5.2      
linkle 0.7 2.3.2     Allows you to easily insert a wide variety of links into your posts/pages.
List category posts 0.3 2.0      
List Pages Plus 1.1 2.5      
LiveCalendar 1.8.5        
Local Analytics 1.2.2        
Lock Out 1.1 2.3 2.7 Testing Allows you to put your web site into Lock Out mode to prevent access while you perform upgrades or maintenance.
Log Deprecated Calls * 0.1        
Login-box 2.0.2 2.2 2.6   Doesn’t work for blogs hosted on IIS.
Magic Keywords * 2.00        
MailPress 1.5 2.5      
MD5 Password Hashes 1.0.1   2.7 In Use  
MailPress 1.9.3 / 2.0.1 2.6 / 2.7 2.6.2 / 2.7 In Use Allows you to send beautiful and styled html and plain text mails based on dedicated themes and templates.
Really nicely put-together plugin to give you more control over emails from your site.
Members Only 0.6.7 2.1 2.6.2 In Use Allows you to require visitors to log in before being able to see the content.
Menu Creator *          
MiniMeta Widget 4.0.2 2.5 2.6.2 In Use (Testing in WP 2.7) Gives you a meta widget that gives you more control over what gets displayed.  I especially like being able to exclude and RSS links and to include direct links to various pages in the admin interface.  
However, I’m moving away from offering meta on my sidebars and instead embedding a couple links on the theme near the top or bottom.
NOTE: This plugin has gotten WAY more complicated in WP 2.7 – to the point of being unusable.  Too bad.  It was a nice plugin.
MultiSiteManager * 0.1-beta3        
myTreasures 1.0.7 2.0     Helps you to show collection on a WordPress blog.
NextGEN Gallery 1.1.0 2.1.3 2.7 In Use Outstanding plugin for managing image galleries that can be used across all posts and pages.
NextGEN Gallery Widget 1.22   2.6.2    
New User Approve 1.0 2.5     Allows the administrator to approve new users on a blog.
No Self Pings 0.2   2.3.2   Prevents posts/pages referring to the same site from creating pings/trackbacks.  I now use the WordPress Tweaks plugin instead. 0.8 2.5 2.6.2 Testing Plugin for managing notifications, allowing users to be notified via IM, email, or SMS.
Causes your pages to fail the XHTML validator.
Oceia bar 2.3.1        
Open Picture Window 1.3        
Organize Series 2.0.7        
Ozh’ Absolute Comments 2.2.2        
Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu 2.5 2.5.1 Works Better than the standard menus but not as nice as the Lighter Menus plugin.
Page Category Plus * 2.2        
Paginated Comments 1.0.3 2.3.x     Breaks comments into a number of search engine-optimized pages.
Permalinks Moved Permanently 1.3        
PicasaView 0.7 2.2      
Platinum SEO Pack 1.2 1.5      
Pods 1.0.6 2.7     A CMS plugin.  Allows users to add content types, associate content types with posts, and form relationships among blog posts.
NOTE: May not work with IIS since the installation instructions mention a .htaccess file.
Post-Plugin Library 1.5     Library of functions used by Rob Marsh’s plugins (Similar Posts, Recent Posts, Random Posts, Popular Posts, and Recent Comments).
Post/Page Update Notification * 2.5        
Quick Shop 1.3.11 2.3      
Raz-Captcha 1.0        
Recent Posts 1.5      
Regenerate Thumbnails 1.0.0 2.5      
Register Plus 3.5.1 2.5 2.7 Testing Allows you complete control over registration, including allowing you to approve registration, require users to specify more info when they register, modify the registration email, and more.
Remote Database Backup 1.00.0 2.5     Based on the WordPress Database Backup plugin by Il Filosofo.  Adds automation.
Remove Max Width 1.3        
Results-Count 0.4.2 2.0 2.7 In Use Shows the count of posts that match the search, category, or tag request.

Fantastic plugin.  Adds a sense of professionalism to archive and search pages.  Very, very nice.

One issue I fixed on my sites – it displays the author’s nickname instead of display name on author archive pages.

Reveal IDs for WP Admin 2.5 1.0.6 2.5 2.7 In Use Required if you want to specify page exclusion lists for the Pages widget or if you use plugins (like the cross-references plugin) that use page/post IDs.
Role Manager * 2.2.3 2.0.x 2.7 Testing Allows you to define and manage roles and their capabilities.  Used by other plugins, such as WordPress Tweaks.
RSS Cake * 0.1 Beta        
scrnshotsRSS 1.0 2.0.2      
Search Engine Keywords v1.0 2.0      
Search Pages * 2.3        
Search Unleashed 0.2.21 2.0      
Section Specific Text Widget * 1.0        
Semisecure Login 1.0.3   2.3.2 Works  
Semisecure Login for WordPress 2.5 1.1   2.6 Testing Incompatibility found with this plugin, the MD5 hash plugin, and WP 2.6.  Not sure yet what causes the problem, but disabling this plugin (by renaming the directory) allows me to log in again.
SEO Smart Links 1.6.2 2.3      
Shantz WordPress Prefix Suffix 1.0.5 1.5     Adds text/HTML/CSS code to posts and/or pages as a prefix and/or a postfix.
ShareThis 2.3 1.5 2.6.2 In Use Provides a nice interface for sharing posts/pages with others.  Much less intrusive visually than Sociable.

One downside is that it depends on the ShareThis servers to act as an intermediary, but that could also be seen as an upside as that means less code needs to run on the server hosting the WordPress code.

Show Me Options 0.1        
Side Content 0.3 2.5      
SimplePie Core 1.1.1 2.0     Loads the core SimplePie library so that other plugins that use SimplePie can all share the same up-to-date version.
Simple:Press Forum * 4.0.1 2.04 2.7 In Use A very nice, very complete forum plugin.  Highly recommended.
Slayer’s Custom Widgets * 1.0       Allows you to specify which pages a sidebar item shows up on.
Smart 404 0.3 2.6   Busted on IIS Performs a search of your posts, pages, tags, and categories, using keywords from the requested URL.
This plugin appears to be busted on IIS.  For some reason pages that are not found don’t cause a 404 error.
Smart Archives Reloaded 1.1.1 2.3      
Smart Link * 3.1.2        
Smilies Themer 0.5.3   2.7 In Use Let’s you select a different set of smilies than the set built-in to WordPress.  I think the MSN set looks very slick, much more so than the built-in set.
Snazzy Archives 0.5.2 2.3     Very cool presentation of archives.  Doesn’t work 100% with IE7.
Sociable 2.9.8 2.2 2.6 Evaluating Encountered a few problems.  The list of sites doesn’t show up properly in IE7.  Print simply invokes the browser’s print function.  WP-Print from GaMerZ is much better for this.  Email only emails a link to the page.

The ShareThis plugin provides similar features in a much nicer package that is also less visually intrusive.

Startrix 0.5 2.0.2      
Sub Page Links * 1.0        
Submit Your Blog * 1.0        
Subscribe To Comments 2.1.2        
Sudoku 1.5 2.5.1      
SuperLinks * 0.1 2.5      
Tabbed Widgets 0.73 2.5      
Tag Managing Thing 1.0.2        
Tags Autolink * 2.0 2.3      
TanTanNoodles Version Checker 0.1       Installed as part of WordPress Reports.
Theme Authenticity Checker 1.3 2.2      
Theme Switcher 0.5        
Theme Test Drive 2.6.1 2.3      
Theme Tester 0.3        
Tippy 3.0.3 2.1.5      
Top Friends 0.3 2.0      
Top Level Categories 1.0.1        
Ultimate Category Excluder * 0.21 Beta        
Ultimate Google Analytics 1.6.0   2.6.2 In Use  
User Level Themes 1.03 2.5      
Velvet Blues Update URLs 1.0 2.5 2.6.2 Broken Updates all URLs and content links in your web site to reflect a move to a new domain or directory.  Won’t activate.  Sends me to an HTTP 500 error page.
Vent 0.8 2.2.0      
Version Information * 1.1 2.2      
What Would Seth Godin Do * 1.3        
Where did they go from here? * 1.4        
Widgetized Dashboard 1.6        
Wikipedia Autolink 1.0.01 2.3.0 2.6.2 In Use Allows you add links to Wikipedia automatically.  Very fast, very easy plugin to use.  See this article for my review.
WordPress Database Backup 2.2.2 2.0.3 2.6.2 In Use Backs up the tables for your site which can be imported into phpMyAdmin or another tool.  You could just do this in phpMyAdmin directly, but this plugin takes the guesswork out of it.
WordPress Database Table Optimizer – Figment Thinking 1.1.1 2.6.2 2.6.2 Testing Automatically makes sure that your WordPress MySQL database tables are always optimized.

I really like how it shows the tables and the sizes and number of rows.  Very convenient.

WordPress Exploit Scanner 0.1 2.5.1      
WordPress Mobile Edition 2.1a   2.3.2    
WordPress Refererrers 1.1 2.2     Tracks referrers to your site and allows you to display them on a page or on your sidebar.  Caveats – you have to edit your sidebar.php file to add it to your sidebar, and you have to use PHP to add it to a post or apage.
WordPress Related Posts 0.9        
WordPress Reports * 0.87        
WordPress Reports Most Active Widget * 0.2       Installed as part of WordPress Reports.
WordPress Single File PHP Gallery 3.6.0 2.0.2 Stats 1.3.6 2.1 2.7 In Use Uses to collect stats on your site and provides a page to show them all off the Dashboard
WordPress Tweaks 1.8   2.7 In Use Combines features from several plugins (No Self Pings) and adds some of its own.
WP Developer Assistant 1.0.3 2.2      
Wp Dockbar * 1.0       Adds a Mac-like dockbar at the top of your site.
WP e-Commerce (WP Shopping Cart) 3.6.9 2.3 2.7 Testing Fully-featured shopping cart application using Web 2.0.
WP Extra Template Tags 0.3 2.5      
WPG2 3.0.7 2.5.0      
WP-Cal * 0.3        
WP-CommentNavi 1.00 2.7.0     Adds more advanced page navigation for comments.
WP-Crontrol 1.0        
WP-DBManager 2.40 2.7.0      
WP-Debug 1.0        
WP-DownloadManager 1.40 2.7.0 2.7 In Use Terrific way to manage downloads.
WP-DownloadManager Widget 1.40 2.7.0 2.7 In Use Installed as part of WP-DownloadManager.
WP-EMail 2.40 2.7.0 2.7 In Use Works great.  I like this post emailer better than others because it does a nice job of formatting and provides a lot of flexibility.
WP-Email Widget 2.40 2.7.0     Installed as part of WP-EMail
WP Forum 2.0 2.0.2     Simple discussion forum plugin.
WP-LightForm 0.4   2.5.1 Busted Doesn’t work on IIS.  It uses the PHP mail() function directly instead of the wp_mail() function.

Also, it requires you to edit the source files to set the destination email address or to edit the email form.

WP-Links 1.0.3        
WP-Members * 2.0.1        
WP-PageNavi 2.40 2.7.0 2.7 In Use Provides navigation to the pages in the set of pages in the result set (e.g. home page, archive, etc.).
WP-phpMyAdmin 2.10.3        
WP-PluginsUsed 1.40 2.6.0 2.6.2 In Use Displays the plugins that are in use and not in use on a page or post.
WP-Polls 2.40 2.7.0      
WP-Polls Widget 2.40 2.7.0     Installed as part of WP-Polls.
WP-PostRatings 1.40 2.7.0      
WP-PostRatings Widget 1.40 2.7.0     Installed as part of WP-PostRatings.
WP-PostViews 1.40 2.7.0 2.7 In Use Displays the number of times a post or page has been viewed.
WP-PostViews Widget 1.40 2.7.0 2.7 In Use Installed as part of WP-PostViews.
WP-Print 2.40 2.7.0 2.7 In Use Provides a nice way to print a post or page.
WP-RelativeDate 1.40 2.6.0     Adds a relative date to dates displayed on the site.
WP-ServerInfo 1.40 2.7.0 2.7 In Use Displays information about the server hosting the site on the admin panel.
WP-Stats 2.40 2.7.0 2.7 In Use Collects site statistics and displays them on the admin panel.
WP-Stats Widget 2.40 2.7.0     Installed as part of WP-Stats.
WP-Sticky 1.40 2.7.0      
WP-UserOnline 2.40 2.7.0      
WP-UserOnline Widget 2.40 2.7.0     Installed as part of WP-UserOnline.
WP Admin Bar Reloaded * 2.1        
WP Ajax Edit Comments 2.5 2.6 Broken Adds very cool features for allowing posters to edit their own comments and for admins to manage them.

Note that it doesn’t allow users to edit their own comments on my sites.  Ronald spent some time testing it out on my site but I don’t know if he solved it.

Wp Auto Scroller * 0.3        
WP Comment Remix 1.4.4 2.5     Adds a bunch of features for commenting, including a reply link, a quote link, an ‘in need of reply’ notifier, and more.
WP Limit Posts Automatically 0.7        
WP Movie Ratings * 1.5        
WP Page Numbers 0.2        
WP Shopping Cart (WP e-Commerce) 3.6.8 RC1 2.0.2      
WP Simple Sitemap 0.2        
WP Tabs And Slides * 1.2        
WP Tag Manager 0.1.1        
WPtouch iPhone Theme 1.3.5 2.1      
WP User Manager * 0.4        
WP User Moderation * 0.5        
WP Vivtiger Image Resizer v1.21        
wp_divvaflip 2.6 N/A      
WriteScroll 1.0        
YAK for WordPress 1.1.3 2.5     Simple shopping cart plugin associating products with weblog entries.
Yet Another PhotoBlog 1.9.10 2.5      
Youtube Favorites Plugin/Widget * 1.0        
ZdStatistics 2.0.1 2.5.0     Provides built-in visitor tracking.  Depends on GeoCityLite.dat from  I wasn’t able to figure out how to download it from there, though.

* Not hosted at

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