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PFMAP – ISO Browser and a Lot More

I was looking for a Windows Explorer extension that would allow me to browse ISO files as if they were simply a folder, similar to how Windows exposes that support for ZIP files.  What I found is WAY better than what Windows providers. Pismo Technic Inc. provides a tool called Pismo File Mount Audit Package.  […]

Desktop Icon Management

Every once in a while I do something that causes the icons on my desktop to be rearranged. ¬†Sometimes it’s a video card driver upgrade. ¬†Sometimes the OS decides that it must change the resolution for me. ¬†Whatever the reason, I finally had enough of it after installing the latest ATI driver on my machine. […]

Fix Vista Folder Template Assumptions

Windows Explorer (aka the Shell) in Vista (as in XP before it) provides folder templates which display the contents of folders in predefined ways.  The shell in Vista has been "improved" with a feature that "sniffs" the contents of a folder to determine which template to use if one has not been specified. If you […]

A Better Notepad

The limitations of notepad in Windows are really quite annoying. When I was at Microsoft working on Windows Vista, Jeff Miller spent some time adding some very nice improvements to notepad but had to remove them for some reason (I’m confident it was a good reason; I just don’t know what it was). The main […]