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Web application times out when debugging

This article has moved to my new technical blog site.

Visual Studio and MSTest: Deploying Files

Microsoft’s unit testing infrastructure provides a number of options for deploying files to the test directory when running tests. Deploy files/directories for all tests in all test projects. Deploy files/directories for a specific test, specified in the UI. Deploy files/directories for all tests in a test class, specified in code. Deploy files/directories for a specific […]

Visual Studio and MSTest: Introduction

I’m coming up to speed on my new company’s development environment, and part of that is the usage of Microsoft’s unit testing infrastructure built into Visual Studio 2008. One of the things the tests need to be able to do is load DLLs provided by a third party. However, the unit testing environment is (or […]

Edit file in Visual Studio from command line

For years I’ve used a tool I found internally at Microsoft called VSEdit to load a file into an existing instance of Visual Studio from the command line. Microsoft released that handy little tool on MSDN (albeit without the source), but they also added the feature directly to the Visual Studio executable image (devenv). Sara […]

Docking Windows in Visual Studio

I made a mistake today when trying to move tool windows around in Visual Studio – I merged the two docking frames at the bottom while debugging.  I couldn’t figure out how to split them again, so I decided to search for a solution.  MSDN came to the rescue When you drag a tab or […]

Problem solved: Visual Studio stealing focus when breakpoint is hit

How many times have you been debugging and while you waited for a breakpoint to hit you switched to another application.  Then, while you were typing, the breakpoint hits and focus is ripped from the application your were typing into and set to Visual Studio.  In most cases the breakpoint is in code you have […]

Upgrading to IE8 breaks debugging with Visual Studio 2005

Since Microsoft published IE8 as a Windows Update and my boss said he upgraded to it, I figured it was safe to upgrade to it as well.  I’ve been enjoying the changes for a couple days now, but when I attempted to debug an ASP.NET application with Visual Studio 2005, it would no longer stop […]