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7stacks – A Terrific Stacks Feature Similar to Mac OS X

I installed Windows 7 on my laptop a couple weeks ago and have been really enjoying it.  I had Vista installed before and had very few problems, but Windows 7 is a nice improvement. One of the bright features of Windows 7 is the new taskbar, also known as the Superbar.  A nice add-on to […]

Keeping Applications Up To Date

I found a nifty utility today called AppSnap that helps you keep your downloadable software up to date.  I love the Windows Update service that is integrated into Windows.  It has its flaws, but the version in Vista is much better than in previous versions of Windows.  Something I’ve always wanted, however, is for it […]

Backing up with Sync Toy

I’ve been using Sync Toy, a free download from Microsoft, to synchronize files.  It’s a fairly comprehensive synchronization tool that doesn’t deserve the term "toy" in its name.  You can create folder pairs that have one of the following relationships with each other: Synchronize – New and updated files are copied both ways.  Renames and […]

A Better Notepad

The limitations of notepad in Windows are really quite annoying. When I was at Microsoft working on Windows Vista, Jeff Miller spent some time adding some very nice improvements to notepad but had to remove them for some reason (I’m confident it was a good reason; I just don’t know what it was). The main […]

Utility to wait for a process – Wait.exe

As I mentioned in this post, I spent a bunch of time looking for a command line utility that would wait until a specific process has completed.  I was dumbfounded that I couldn’t find one, so I set out to write one.  I chose C# because all the tools are available.  Here is the usage […]

Launching apps & games from Vista Media Center (VMC), Part 2

In my previous post on this topic, I discussed the basics of extending Media Center to add entries to the menus, specifically Beyond TV from SnapStream Media.  Click here to see that post. Once I had that figured out and working, I figured I’d venture to another application used quite a bit by my family […]

File synchronization software

I installed WordPress a little more than a week ago and already there is a new version with security fixes.  I’d like to install it, but before I do, I want to back everything up.  A WordPress web site has two repositories of data – a MySQL database and the files that make up the […]