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Copying a WordPress Blog to a Different Domain

Periodically I need to copy the contents of a log to another domain for testing purposes.  WordPress doesn’t make this particularly easy as it embeds the complete URL of the site in many places, including the options table, in the posts table for each post, and even in posts, such as when media is added. […]

Changing the WordPress Table Prefix

WordPress allows you to specify the prefix used for naming all your tables.  Unfortunately, there are several places where it hard-codes the full names of the tables, including the prefixes, so you can’t just rename the tables.  You also must modify values in the tables.  I’ve had to do this a few times recently as […]

Determining what a SQL Server connection is doing

Quick note here describing how to find out what a connection to a Microsoft SQL Server is doing.  First you need to find the connection. Display current connections Use the sp_who2 stored procedure to find the current connections.  Use the following information to determine the connection of interest. SPID – The ID of the connection.  […]

Installing MySQL on Windows

I’m installing WordPress on a new server for my company and realized I didn’t have detailed instructions for how I set it up last time.   This article is intended to show the exact steps I take to set it up. MySQL comes in two primary flavors (from the downloads page) – community server and enterprise […]

Duplicating a WordPress Site

I just duplicated this site so that I can test out new versions of WordPress and test plugins and themes that either I have written or that have been written by others with real content.  It took longer than I had hoped, but it still turned out to be a straightforward procedure. I started by […]

Configuring SQL Server after a rename

I’m in the process of moving to a two-machine development environment so my SQL Server processing will occur on one machine and my application will run on another machine.  I’m making this change since I’ve found that a single machine with 4GB can’t handle both processing 4 million records AND running an application that processes […]

Installing WordPress (part 3)

In the previous two parts I shared my experiences with installing the components required before installing WordPress. We’re finally ready to proceed with the main event. WordPress is like phpMyAdmin in that it is simply a bunch of files that need to be copied to your web server and then some configuration steps. In this […]

Installing WordPress (part 2)

In part 1 of this post, I talked about installing MySQL v4 and PHP v4 and was just about to get to phpMyAdmin.  Let’s start there. phpMyAdmin Managing databases can be pretty challenging and complex.  Some folks felt the same way and decided to leverage PHP to develop a web-based admin to for MySQL.  Since […]