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I decided to try out FeedBurner on my site using the FeedSmith plugin.  I happened to subscribe to someone else’s blog through FeedBurner and I kind of like the result as a reader.  It’s an amazingly rich solution for publishing feeds of a site, connecting many different applications together for publishing.  I hope it proves […]

RSS Feeds

I’m in the process of working on improved widgets for the sidebar.  The main theme I’ve been working on for a while now (FallSeason by Sadish Bala) has a nice sidebar section for feeds that displays an RSS icon next to the link for the two main feeds, and the Meta widget doesn’t display these.  […]

inlineRSS – WordPress Plugin Review

I’ve been thinking lately that my top-level blog site ( should display a list of posts from the blogs they front. I finally got a bee in my bonnet about it and did a search for plugins that would do the trick. I found two that said they’d do it but only one of them […]