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PowerShell Prompt Using PSCX

Since I’m using the PowerShell Community Extensions, it makes sense for me to also use the prompt mechanism defined there.  In this article I will describe what PSCX provides over and above what PowerShell provides and how I have chosen to integrate it into my environment. PSCX implements its prompt mechanism as a layer over […]

Prompts in PowerShell

PowerShell provides a very flexible mechanism for specifying what to display for the prompt, particularly since you have the entirety of the .NET Framework at your disposal.  PowerShell displays the prompt using the Prompt function.  By default it is defined like this: ‘PS ‘ + $(Get-Location) + $(if ($nestedpromptlevel -ge 1) { ‘>>’ }) + […]


Since my boss decided to switch from cmd.exe to PowerShell (yay!), I’ve been working on setting up a set of standardized profile scripts for everyone.  One of his first questions was how to change the prompt.  Since we’re using the PowerShell Community Extensions, we’ve been not only learning PowerShell but also the community extensions.  One […]