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My Scattered 1.5 Theme Modifications

Based on the experimentation of plugins I’ve been doing, I’ve started to integrate the usage of some of them into the Scattered 1.5 theme. Style Changes Removed negative indenting of unordered lists. Changed the color of visited links so they show up. Changed unordered list indenting so the list entry marker is always displayed. Plugin […]

My FallSeason Theme Modifications

I’ve spent a bunch of time tweaking the FallSeason WordPress Theme by Sadish Bala to work for me, and I’m pretty happy with the results.  I’ve left all the identifying information virtually intact, but I have changed the version number and added my name as a modifier so that the resulting theme can be distinguished […]

WP-Print – WordPress Plugin Review

Most blogs have so much stuff around the main body of information that you end up using up a lot more pages when you print a particular post or page. This plugin displays the post or page with all its text and formatting, a listing of all the links, a link to actually print the […]