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Failed to update headers in Outlook 2007

I use Outlook 2007 pretty rigorously.  I host my own Exchange Server, so that’s my primary mailbox.  I include multiple other mailboxes (such as my wife’s, my kids’, etc.).  Finally, I use IMAP to connect to my company’s Exchange Server so I can use a single interface for accessing all my email.  I’d use an […]

The “Get Started With Office Live” window keeps popping up

I have Office 2007 installed on a Windows Vista system and I installed the optional Office Live add-in offered to me through Windows Update.  The first time you start Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, it is supposed to pop up a getting started window to allow you to get more information on Office Live, but there […]


I was doing some cleanup on my server and ran across the ctfmon.exe process. I’ve investigated this process before and at that time there didn’t seem to be definitive information available on it.  At one point there was even a virus that was being installed on people’s machines posing as ctfmon.exe. When I searched today, […]

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

I’ve been using Microsoft’s latest version of Office (2007) for quite some time now, but I frequently run into people using the previous version (2003) that cannot read the files I produce. With 2007, Microsoft changed the default format of the file to be based on XML for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I like that […]