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WP Gallery Image Shortcode Plugin

I just released my first WordPress plugin – the WP Gallery Image Shortcode plugin.  This plugin lets you add an image to a post or page from the WordPress gallery on your site using a shortcode.  Normally when you add an image, it embeds an image tag and sometimes an anchor tag that each includes […]

Regenerating WordPress Thumbnails

I’m in the process of moving my WordPress sites to a new server and a new version of WordPress, and as part of that I’m also reevaluating how my uploads are organized. I discovered that some of my images didn’t have thumbnails generated in the right sizes. Fortunately, I’m not the only person who has […]

Free Image Resources on the Web has a terrific article listing 30 free image resources on the web.  We’re always looking for images that can work in various situations – whether on our blogs, for school projects with the kids, for civic or ministry activities, etc.  This kind of list of sites is invaluable.  Visit that article for descriptions of […]