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Easy Gravatars version 1.2.1

Dougal Campbell upgraded his Easy Gravatars plugin to version 1.2 to use the new get_avatars function in WordPress 2.5.  He hasn’t integrated my changes into his plugin so I’m releasing mine as a dot-release of his. My changes to his v1.2 release are the same as my changes to his previous releases: Improved admin page […]

Easier Gravatars version 1.1.1

Dougal Campbell upgraded his Easy Gravatars plugin to include some of the features I added to my version.  He didn’t include a couple features I added, however, so I’m finally getting around to merging his changes into mine.  His version added: Display image as a link to the comment author’s web site. Allow the image […]

Easier Gravatars

Dougal Campbell provided a much nicer implementation for adding gravatars to your comments called Easy Gravatars.  This solution doesn’t even require you to modify your theme files.  Very cool! I made a few improvements to his solution: Improved admin page layout, including more verbose descriptions of each of the options. Added Reset button to the […]

Integrating Gravatar support

I finally decided to spend a little bit of time to integrate Gravatar support into my blogs.  Admittedly I was spurred on by Matt’s posting which showed up on the WordPress dashboard.  I like the idea of seeing pictures of the folks commenting on my blog. Matt’s Solution Matt’s solution is to hard-code the Gravatar […]