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Email problem in FallSeason theme solved

I solved the problem with using the WP-Email plugin in the FallSeason theme.  The problem was that when checking to see if there are any posts, several templates (index.php, page.php, and single.php) were checking this way: if ($posts) The correct way to check for posts is to do this instead: if (have_posts()) Changing that one […]

FallSeason WordPress Theme Update 1.2.drp.1

I’ve been working on another of Sadish Bala’s themes (SpotLight) for one of my sites and I’m pulling some of the work I’ve been doing there into FallSeason.  This is the first update on top of v1.2, so this is v1.2.drp.1. Integrated Sadish’s changes for WordPress 2.3 compatibility. Moved the intro text to the database […]

Update to the FallSeason Theme

I’ve made some additional changes to the FallSeason WordPress theme and updated the download package accordingly. Here is a summary of the changes (which I’ve also added to the modifications post): Added support for Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan’s WP-PostNav plugin. Added navigation to the previous and next post to the top of single posts (like in […]

My FallSeason Theme Modifications

I’ve spent a bunch of time tweaking the FallSeason WordPress Theme by Sadish Bala to work for me, and I’m pretty happy with the results.  I’ve left all the identifying information virtually intact, but I have changed the version number and added my name as a modifier so that the resulting theme can be distinguished […]

FallSeason – WordPress Theme Review

This is a very attractive theme, one I will likely switch one or more of my blogs to.  The author did a very nice job with the banner image – it looks like it expands naturally with a very well blended break. EDIT:  As of today (9/20), I’m currently using an incarnation of the FallSeason […]