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Copying a WordPress Blog to a Different Domain

Periodically I need to copy the contents of a log to another domain for testing purposes.  WordPress doesn’t make this particularly easy as it embeds the complete URL of the site in many places, including the options table, in the posts table for each post, and even in posts, such as when media is added. […]

Duplicating a WordPress Site

I just duplicated this site so that I can test out new versions of WordPress and test plugins and themes that either I have written or that have been written by others with real content.  It took longer than I had hoped, but it still turned out to be a straightforward procedure. I started by […]

Backing up with Sync Toy

I’ve been using Sync Toy, a free download from Microsoft, to synchronize files.  It’s a fairly comprehensive synchronization tool that doesn’t deserve the term "toy" in its name.  You can create folder pairs that have one of the following relationships with each other: Synchronize – New and updated files are copied both ways.  Renames and […]

Upgrading to WordPress 2.3

Note: I started this post almost three weeks ago (how time flies). I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my technical blog to WordPress 2.3 from 2.2.3.  One of the main reasons I wanted to move was for the better term support.  Specifically, WP 2.3 categories its terms so that you can more easily […]

File synchronization software

I installed WordPress a little more than a week ago and already there is a new version with security fixes.  I’d like to install it, but before I do, I want to back everything up.  A WordPress web site has two repositories of data – a MySQL database and the files that make up the […]