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My Codelog Theme Modifications

I found the Codelog theme by Alex Günsche two or three weeks ago and have been banging on it to make it do what I want.  I’m almost there, but I think my changes are useful enough to release. The two biggest changes I made were to make the theme widget-aware and to support both […]

Codelog – WordPress Theme Review

I’ve been on the prowl for a new theme for this blog and I may just have found it.  The Codelog theme by Alex Günsche is simple yet elegant.  With just a little bit of customization, I was able to get the results I was looking for. Overall Grade: A Theme URI: Version: 0.1 […]

1 Blog Theme – WordPress Theme Review

I’m a big fan of customization, particularly through the admin UI.  One reason is I host multiple sites from the same set of files using the multi-blogging solution and each site may want to have different features.  The 1 Blog Theme by Javier García is one of the most customizable themes I’ve run into so […]

Email problem in FallSeason theme solved

I solved the problem with using the WP-Email plugin in the FallSeason theme.  The problem was that when checking to see if there are any posts, several templates (index.php, page.php, and single.php) were checking this way: if ($posts) The correct way to check for posts is to do this instead: if (have_posts()) Changing that one […]

Update to the FallSeason Theme

I’ve made some additional changes to the FallSeason WordPress theme and updated the download package accordingly. Here is a summary of the changes (which I’ve also added to the modifications post): Added support for Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan’s WP-PostNav plugin. Added navigation to the previous and next post to the top of single posts (like in […]

My FallSeason Theme Modifications

I’ve spent a bunch of time tweaking the FallSeason WordPress Theme by Sadish Bala to work for me, and I’m pretty happy with the results.  I’ve left all the identifying information virtually intact, but I have changed the version number and added my name as a modifier so that the resulting theme can be distinguished […]

FallSeason – WordPress Theme Review

This is a very attractive theme, one I will likely switch one or more of my blogs to.  The author did a very nice job with the banner image – it looks like it expands naturally with a very well blended break. EDIT:  As of today (9/20), I’m currently using an incarnation of the FallSeason […]

Scattered w/ Widgets 1.5 – WordPress Theme Review

I really like this theme. I’ve been using it as my main theme for both my personal and technical blogs for most of the time I’ve been using WordPress (almost 2 weeks now ). What really caught my eye right off was that title popups are displayed with transparency. It just looks cool! It isn’t […]

Blueprint – WordPress Theme Review

Overall Grade: C+ Theme Name: Blueprint Version: 1.0 Theme URI: Description: A simple WordPress theme based on the Blueprint CSS Framework. Author: Joshua Sowin Author URI: Widget-aware: Yes Shows tagline: Yes Shows counts: Yes Hierarchical categories: Yes Things I like: Very clean look. Good contrast. Posts are separated from one another by horizontal lines and large titles […]

Binary Blue – WordPress Theme Review

Overall Grade: C- Theme URI: Description: Tableless and XHTML compliant theme with full stylesheet/scheme support; heavily AJAX enhanced and fully localized, supports WordPress Sidebar Widgets; 800×600 and up Version: 1.4.0 Author: CountZero Author URI: Widget-aware: Yes Shows tagline: unknown Shows counts: unknown Hierarchical categories: unknown Unfortunately I couldn’t get this to work in WordPress v2.2.2 (or v2.2.3).  […]

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