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MailPress Review – Theme Design (Styling)

Note (Feb. 12, 2008) Andre has implemented a version of styling that I feel is superior to this one.  I’ll provide an update at some point, but check out the MailPress2 style for details. One of the limitations of MailPress themes is that you can’t use CSS.  You can still use styles, but you have […]

MailPress Review – Theme Design (Intro)

If you’ve done any work at all on WordPress themes, MailPress themes will be very comfortable.  MailPress adds a few extra things, but most – if not all – of the WordPress API is available from within a MailPress theme.  Andre has some rules for developing themes which you may want to read in addition […]

MailPress Review – Selecting a Theme

There are 5 themes included with the distribution: MailPress – A pretty nice theme with MailPress graphics and colors. classic – A theme based on the Classic WordPress theme. default – A theme based on the Default WordPress theme. nogent94 – A theme based on Andre’s web site. nohtml – A plaintext-only theme. plaintext – […]

MailPress Review – Configuration

After I activated MailPress, I had to refresh my browser to allow the MailPress user interface elements to show up, but this was probably because I also use the Lighter Menus plugin (a staple for any WordPress site I manage).  MailPress spreads its user interface elements around to several places within the WordPress admin panel, […]

MailPress Review – Installation

Like most plugins, the MailPress plugin can be installed simply by downloading the ZIP or RAR file, uncompressing it, copying the mailpress directory to your wp-content\plugins directory, then activating the plugin.  However, there is more involved to get it to work – you will need to configure it. However, before configuring it, you will need […]

MailPress Review – Introduction

I’ve been checking out the MailPress plugin for WordPress written by Andre Renaut, which is a plugin that helps you manage emails from your site, including allowing you to theme your emails.  In fact, themes in MailPress or organized similarly to how themes are organized on WordPress.  It’s a very nicely put-together plugin.  This plugin […]

NextGEN Gallery Review – Displaying Images – Album

Galleries can be organized into albums to present multiple groups of images to your visitors. [album=id,mode] id = the ID of the album (e.g. 1). mode (extend or compact) = options for how tod display the gallery; extend displays each gallery in the album on its own row with its description; compact displays multiple galleries […]

NextGEN Gallery Review – Displaying Images – ImageBrowser

The ImageBrowser viewer is a nice way to view one image at a time from a gallery and cycle through each one. [imagebrowser=id] id = the ID of the gallery (e.g. 1). The imagebrowser shortcode displays images in a gallery one at a time in a large format.  You can move to another image in […]

NextGEN Gallery Review – Displaying Images – Gallery

To display all images in a single gallery, specify the gallery shortcode on a post or page. [gallery=id] id = the ID of the gallery (e.g. 1). The gallery shortcode displays the thumbnails for the images in a single gallery on the post or page.  The following options can be configured on the Gallery options […]

NextGEN Gallery Review – Displaying Images – Singlepic

To display a single image from any gallery, specify the singlepic shortcode on a post or page. [singlepic=id,width,height,mode,float] id = the ID of the image (e.g. 1). width, height = width and height in pixels to scale the image to.  These are maximums; the aspect ratio will be maintained. mode (web20 or watermark) = options […]

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