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Precedence of id and class in CSS

I’m working on converting a website template to a WordPress theme and discovered very interesting.  Most people know that each browser interprets HTML and CSS differently, with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (prior to IE8) appearing to be quite different than other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.  Today I discovered a specific difference in […]

Tynt Insight

I stumbled upon a service that allows you to know what’s being copied from your site.  The service can add attribution to the copied text which can drive more traffic to your site.  The service is called Tynt Insight and the basic functionality is all free, but they offer additional features in a Pro package […]

Auto Highlighting from an SSI Navigation Menu

Recently on I was in the process of converting the side navigation menu on the Strategy Guide sections to a Server Side IncludeW file.  Before making the switch to an SSI, the guide was copy and pasted between each page to provide the following:

Free Image Resources on the Web has a terrific article listing 30 free image resources on the web.  We’re always looking for images that can work in various situations – whether on our blogs, for school projects with the kids, for civic or ministry activities, etc.  This kind of list of sites is invaluable.  Visit that article for descriptions of […]

IE7 Content Hiding Bug

I’ve been working on a WordPress theme for my company’s internal web site – I’ve settled on Emplode – and I ran into a display problem when using IE7 that was giving me fits. The basics of the problem is a strange interaction between definition list tags (<DD>) with a background image specified and an […]

Blogs in Plain English

Since discovering the power and simplicity of blogging this past summer, I’ve started to rethink the whole area of web sites and design.  Blogging is so simple, why not use blogging software to build a regular web site instead of some other web site framework?  Donncha O Caoimh, one of the developers of WordPress, posted […]