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.NET Framework Setup Verification Tool

I was running down an issue with building a 32-bit application in Visual Studio 2008 on a 64-bit version of Windows 7 and a number of articles online suggested that .NET Framework v2.0 should be reinstalled. Most of these were talking about Windows Vista, but I thought I would run this down. Aaron Stebner has […]

Multiple Perforce Servers

I’m experimenting with multiple Perforce servers on Windows today, which is fairly simple to configure.  I’ve run into a few gotchas, however, so I’d like to enumerate them here. Installing Multiple Perforce Services on Windows The procedure is documented on Perforce’s website, but I’ve reproduced the steps here for simplicity. Create a new directory for […]

Enable Ping on Windows Server 2008

When setting up new servers, one of the first things to do is to make sure other machines can connect to.  The easiest way to do that has typically been to use the ping command, which sends an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) or Echo message to the remote machine.  Due to security concerns, however, […]

Determining what a SQL Server connection is doing

Quick note here describing how to find out what a connection to a Microsoft SQL Server is doing.  First you need to find the connection. Display current connections Use the sp_who2 stored procedure to find the current connections.  Use the following information to determine the connection of interest. SPID – The ID of the connection.  […]

Using PHP mail function with locked-down SMTP server

I host my own Exchange server and had accepted the restriction that I couldn’t use the PHP mail() function thinking it was an incompatibility with IIS.  It turns out, however, that my Exchange server (like most Exchange servers) requires a username and password to work. I found a user on a forum that solved this […]

Testing an SMTP Server

Microsoft has a good article on testing an SMTP server using Telnet.  I’ve summarized the steps here using the following information: SMTP server name Source domain name From email address Recipient email address Here is the summary of commands and responses.  Remember to press <ENTER> after each command. Command Response telnet […]

High IIS CPU Usage

The IIS processes on my web server (w3wp.exe) have been experiencing high CPU usage lately, but only for one of my app pools – the one for my main WordPress sites.  I use two ISAPI DLLs – PHP5 and Ionics Isapi Rewriter – but I am also currently using an older version of WordPress.  I did a […]

Desktop Icon Management

Every once in a while I do something that causes the icons on my desktop to be rearranged.  Sometimes it’s a video card driver upgrade.  Sometimes the OS decides that it must change the resolution for me.  Whatever the reason, I finally had enough of it after installing the latest ATI driver on my machine. […]

Duplicating a WordPress Site

I just duplicated this site so that I can test out new versions of WordPress and test plugins and themes that either I have written or that have been written by others with real content.  It took longer than I had hoped, but it still turned out to be a straightforward procedure. I started by […]

Rewrite Rules for IIS

It seems that much of the open source community (including WordPress) works hard to avoid Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) available on Microsoft operating systems in favor of Apache – even if they are running on a Microsoft operating system.  I’ve been using Windows for a very long time and am comfortable with it and […]

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