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Invoking files with spaces in PowerShell

I needed to run an executable multiple times with different parameters and felt that it would be easier to write the script in PowerShell than in a command script.  The biggest challenge I ran into was running the executable because the path to it has spaces in it (C:\Program Files\etc).  Add to that I wanted […]

Cometdocs File Converter

I just ran across a free online file converter called Cometdocs.  This free online service allows you to convert different types of files to multiple other file types, including PDF.  You can also compare two files and get the results. All you do is browse to a file on your disk, select the destination file […]

Failed to update headers in Outlook 2007

I use Outlook 2007 pretty rigorously.  I host my own Exchange Server, so that’s my primary mailbox.  I include multiple other mailboxes (such as my wife’s, my kids’, etc.).  Finally, I use IMAP to connect to my company’s Exchange Server so I can use a single interface for accessing all my email.  I’d use an […]

Changing the WordPress Table Prefix

WordPress allows you to specify the prefix used for naming all your tables.  Unfortunately, there are several places where it hard-codes the full names of the tables, including the prefixes, so you can’t just rename the tables.  You also must modify values in the tables.  I’ve had to do this a few times recently as […]

The “Get Started With Office Live” window keeps popping up

I have Office 2007 installed on a Windows Vista system and I installed the optional Office Live add-in offered to me through Windows Update.  The first time you start Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, it is supposed to pop up a getting started window to allow you to get more information on Office Live, but there […]

Upgrading to IE8 breaks debugging with Visual Studio 2005

Since Microsoft published IE8 as a Windows Update and my boss said he upgraded to it, I figured it was safe to upgrade to it as well.  I’ve been enjoying the changes for a couple days now, but when I attempted to debug an ASP.NET application with Visual Studio 2005, it would no longer stop […]

Determining what a SQL Server connection is doing

Quick note here describing how to find out what a connection to a Microsoft SQL Server is doing.  First you need to find the connection. Display current connections Use the sp_who2 stored procedure to find the current connections.  Use the following information to determine the connection of interest. SPID – The ID of the connection.  […]

Using PHP mail function with locked-down SMTP server

I host my own Exchange server and had accepted the restriction that I couldn’t use the PHP mail() function thinking it was an incompatibility with IIS.  It turns out, however, that my Exchange server (like most Exchange servers) requires a username and password to work. I found a user on a forum that solved this […]

Testing an SMTP Server

Microsoft has a good article on testing an SMTP server using Telnet.  I’ve summarized the steps here using the following information: SMTP server name Source domain name From email address Recipient email address Here is the summary of commands and responses.  Remember to press <ENTER> after each command. Command Response telnet […]

Free Image Resources on the Web has a terrific article listing 30 free image resources on the web.  We’re always looking for images that can work in various situations – whether on our blogs, for school projects with the kids, for civic or ministry activities, etc.  This kind of list of sites is invaluable.  Visit that article for descriptions of […]

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