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Installing WordPress (part 3)

In the previous two parts I shared my experiences with installing the components required before installing WordPress. We’re finally ready to proceed with the main event. WordPress is like phpMyAdmin in that it is simply a bunch of files that need to be copied to your web server and then some configuration steps. In this […]

Installing WordPress (part 2)

In part 1 of this post, I talked about installing MySQL v4 and PHP v4 and was just about to get to phpMyAdmin.  Let’s start there. phpMyAdmin Managing databases can be pretty challenging and complex.  Some folks felt the same way and decided to leverage PHP to develop a web-based admin to for MySQL.  Since […]

Installing WordPress (part 1)

I finally bit the bullet and figured out the issues I was having with PHP and MySQL on my home server so I could check out WordPress.  I’d had issues getting both free applications to be served properly on my server, and enough was enough!  I was determined to get them working over the holiday […]

TV antennas

I was sharing with a neighbor information about an antenna a purchased recently and installed in my attic to get over-the-air digital television reception.  I was getting so-so reception with a pair of rabbit ears upstairs on the

Cataloging my DVD collection on the web vs. a standalone application I’ve been looking for options to catalog my ever-growing DVD collection.  I started with a package from called Movie Collector.  Movie Collector is a flexible Windows application that allows you to enter a DVD UPC code or title and search on a variety of sites.  Once […]

First blog

I’ve always been someone who wants to do things himself.  I’ve got a web server and email server running out of my house, for cryin’ out loud .  I’ve been waiting to blog until I could host that on my server as well, but most of the good blogging software requires installing something like PHP or whatever […]

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