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NextGEN Gallery Review – Image Management

Image management is perhaps one of the strongest features of the NextGEN Gallery plugin compared with other image plugins, although until you learn a few concepts it can be a little difficult to use. Definitions Gallery – A collection of images.  Think of a gallery as a collection of images that are related, e.g. vacation […]

NextGEN Gallery Review – Configuration

There are a lot of options available in this plugin.  To configure it, you find a top-level Gallery menu in the admin menu.  The main page looks very similar to the WordPress Dashboard page.  The one thing that is missing is a link to the plugin page itself. Before you do anything else, go to […]

NextGEN Gallery Review – Installation

The installation instructions in the readme.txt file indicate that the plugin should be copied to a folder called nggallery, but Alex must have removed that requirement since writing that as the code clearly allows the plugin to be installed in any directory below wp-content\plugins.  I initially installed it in the nextgen-gallery directory and it worked […]

NextGEN Gallery Review – Introduction

I’d been looking for a better way to manage and display photos on my blogs when I ran across Alex Rabe’s fantastic NextGEN Gallery plugin.  It provides a comprehensive interface for managing photos and images through a set of admin pages, and it displays photos in a way that makes your web site look very […]

Calling static methods

PowerShell is extremely flexible in what it allows you to do, even allowing you to call static methods on just about any class in just about any assembly.  The problem I had was that I couldn’t remember what the syntax was.  I seemed to recall that it included a double colon (::) but beyond that […]


This past weekend I was catching up on all things home theater on AVS Forum when I ran across a company (XStreamHD) that is promising to deliver hi-def movies and more via satellite and the Internet to your home.  The information provided by the flash content on their web site is pretty impressive.  Here’s a […]

Testing out the Firefox waters

Based on the experience of a colleague, I decided to try out Firefox.  It was partially motivated by problems he was having viewing my blog in Firefox.  Installing it also gave me a way to verify what others see when they view my blog. Some of the add-ons are pretty cool as well.  Here are […]

My Codelog Theme Modifications

I found the Codelog theme by Alex Günsche two or three weeks ago and have been banging on it to make it do what I want.  I’m almost there, but I think my changes are useful enough to release. The two biggest changes I made were to make the theme widget-aware and to support both […]

Codelog – WordPress Theme Review

I’ve been on the prowl for a new theme for this blog and I may just have found it.  The Codelog theme by Alex Günsche is simple yet elegant.  With just a little bit of customization, I was able to get the results I was looking for. Overall Grade: A Theme URI: Version: 0.1 […]

Easier Gravatars version 1.1.1

Dougal Campbell upgraded his Easy Gravatars plugin to include some of the features I added to my version.  He didn’t include a couple features I added, however, so I’m finally getting around to merging his changes into mine.  His version added: Display image as a link to the comment author’s web site. Allow the image […]

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