David's HeadshotI’m in my mid-40s and live with my wife and 4 kids in Bothell, WA on the outskirts of Seattle.  I’m a software developer by trade and love to tinker, design, and build.  I currently work for INRIX developing web services and routing software. Previously I worked for Microsoft for almost 13 years as a developer and dev lead (Exchange Server 4.0, Windows Server Clusters (Wolfpack), Windows Connect (cell phone sync), and Windows Client on Vista (Sync Center)).

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I installed a home theater PC a few years ago and I’m using Beyond TV from SnapStream Media for TV recording with a pair of HDHomeRun tuners from Silicon Dust.  I use Windows Media Center on Windows Vista with the My Movies plugin for watching some movies. I enjoy collecting DVDs and hi-def movies, including HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs.

I’m an evangelical Christian and am very involved in my church in both music (guitar, vocals, choir) and drama. I lead an acoustic rock worship band (Catalyst Worship Band) and we go into jails, prisons, and youth dentention centers on a periodic basis with Prisoners For Christ. My wife and I lead Catalyst Drama, a drama team that tours to area churches and prisons.  We are also involved in our church’s drama productions (see Star, Generations).  I have a separate blog to discuss personal matters and matters of faith, so go there if you’re interested.

My kids are spread across 10 years, ranging in ages from 12 to 22, three of which still live at home while one moved out on her own recently.

Thanks for reading!

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