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.NET Framework Setup Verification Tool

I was running down an issue with building a 32-bit application in Visual Studio 2008 on a 64-bit version of Windows 7 and a number of articles online suggested that .NET Framework v2.0 should be reinstalled. Most of these were talking about Windows Vista, but I thought I would run this down. Aaron Stebner has […]

Edit file in Visual Studio from command line

For years I’ve used a tool I found internally at Microsoft called VSEdit to load a file into an existing instance of Visual Studio from the command line. Microsoft released that handy little tool on MSDN (albeit without the source), but they also added the feature directly to the Visual Studio executable image (devenv). Sara […]

Precedence of id and class in CSS

I’m working on converting a website template to a WordPress theme and discovered very interesting.  Most people know that each browser interprets HTML and CSS differently, with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (prior to IE8) appearing to be quite different than other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.  Today I discovered a specific difference in […]

Multiple Perforce Servers

I’m experimenting with multiple Perforce servers on Windows today, which is fairly simple to configure.  I’ve run into a few gotchas, however, so I’d like to enumerate them here. Installing Multiple Perforce Services on Windows The procedure is documented on Perforce’s website, but I’ve reproduced the steps here for simplicity. Create a new directory for […]