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WP Gallery Image Shortcode Plugin

I just released my first WordPress plugin – the WP Gallery Image Shortcode plugin.  This plugin lets you add an image to a post or page from the WordPress gallery on your site using a shortcode.  Normally when you add an image, it embeds an image tag and sometimes an anchor tag that each includes […]

Tynt Insight

I stumbled upon a service that allows you to know what’s being copied from your site.  The service can add attribution to the copied text which can drive more traffic to your site.  The service is called Tynt Insight and the basic functionality is all free, but they offer additional features in a Pro package […]

PowerShell version of dir /s and the -Recurse parameter

My colleagues and I ran into a bit of a problem trying to find all the files that matched a pattern at or below the current folder.  The problem is that the PowerShell Get-ChildItem cmdlet has a bizarre notion of file and path matching.  Consider this cmd.exe command: dir /s Microsoft* This will return all […]

Editing applicationHost.config on 64-bit Windows

I’m coming up to speed on IIS7 on Windows Server 2008 R2.  There is a lot to like, but there is also a lot to learn.  One of the things that’s interesting about R2 is that there is no 32-bit version, so I’m finally running 64-bit Windows.  This doesn’t come without its problems. One of […]

Regenerating WordPress Thumbnails

I’m in the process of moving my WordPress sites to a new server and a new version of WordPress, and as part of that I’m also reevaluating how my uploads are organized. I discovered that some of my images didn’t have thumbnails generated in the right sizes. Fortunately, I’m not the only person who has […]

“Location is not available” on Windows Server 2008

I’ve just recently added a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine to my network with a domain controller running Windows Server 2003 SBS.  Everything seemed to be working fine for a couple days (not sure why it lasted that long) when I started getting an error message like this: The system detected a possible attempt to […]

Copying a WordPress Blog to a Different Domain

Periodically I need to copy the contents of a log to another domain for testing purposes.  WordPress doesn’t make this particularly easy as it embeds the complete URL of the site in many places, including the options table, in the posts table for each post, and even in posts, such as when media is added. […]

Troubleshooting on IIS7

I’ve been setting up WordPress on Windows Server 2008 R2 lately and as part of trying to understand the issues fully – by installing, uninstalling, installing, etc., the last time through I forgot to create the database and the SQL user for WordPress. Unfortunately, when I connected to my website, all I got was the […]

Docking Windows in Visual Studio

I made a mistake today when trying to move tool windows around in Visual Studio – I merged the two docking frames at the bottom while debugging.  I couldn’t figure out how to split them again, so I decided to search for a solution.  MSDN came to the rescue When you drag a tab or […]

PHP Failure Due To Missing Timezone

I’ve been working on installing PHP 5.3.0 on a new server running Windows Server 2008 R2 and encountered a problem I hadn’t run into before.  After installing PHP following the instructions I published here (FastCGI is supported natively by W2K8 R2 so I didn’t need to do anything to use that), the following message was […]

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