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Including FLV files in Windows Media Player 12 Video Library

My son has downloaded a variety of instructional FLV (Flash video) files that he wants to have available in Windows Media Player.  Since we just installed Windows 7, he was having trouble figuring out how to make it work.  He’d already installed the correct codec (ffdshow) so he was able to play the videos, but […]

Windows 7 120-Day Trial

In previous versions of Windows (e.g. Windows Vista and Windows XP), you were required to enter a valid product key before getting too far into the installation.  With Windows 7, Microsoft has changed to a trial-friendly approach.  You can choose not to enter a product key until later and then you’ll be able to use […]

PFMAP – ISO Browser and a Lot More

I was looking for a Windows Explorer extension that would allow me to browse ISO files as if they were simply a folder, similar to how Windows exposes that support for ZIP files.  What I found is WAY better than what Windows providers. Pismo Technic Inc. provides a tool called Pismo File Mount Audit Package.  […]

7stacks – A Terrific Stacks Feature Similar to Mac OS X

I installed Windows 7 on my laptop a couple weeks ago and have been really enjoying it.  I had Vista installed before and had very few problems, but Windows 7 is a nice improvement. One of the bright features of Windows 7 is the new taskbar, also known as the Superbar.  A nice add-on to […]