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Viewing Distance Chart

I found a terrific chart published at It is an exhaustive table that includes the following information: 16×9 diagonal measurement (the measurement of your screen or the screen you are considering). Width of the 16×9 screen. Height of the 16×9 screen. Optimum viewing distance for 1080p/i material. Optimum viewing distance for 720p material. Width […]

Microsoft SharedView

There are quite a few screen sharing applications available, most of which are only available for a monthly fee.  Microsoft has released another one beyond Remote Desktop Connection that comes with their business and ultimate editions called SharedView.  This is a free sharing application that should make it easier to do the one-off sharing to […]

Invoking files with spaces in PowerShell

I needed to run an executable multiple times with different parameters and felt that it would be easier to write the script in PowerShell than in a command script.  The biggest challenge I ran into was running the executable because the path to it has spaces in it (C:\Program Files\etc).  Add to that I wanted […]