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Changing the WordPress Table Prefix

WordPress allows you to specify the prefix used for naming all your tables.  Unfortunately, there are several places where it hard-codes the full names of the tables, including the prefixes, so you can’t just rename the tables.  You also must modify values in the tables.  I’ve had to do this a few times recently as […]

The “Get Started With Office Live” window keeps popping up

I have Office 2007 installed on a Windows Vista system and I installed the optional Office Live add-in offered to me through Windows Update.  The first time you start Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, it is supposed to pop up a getting started window to allow you to get more information on Office Live, but there […]

Upgrading to IE8 breaks debugging with Visual Studio 2005

Since Microsoft published IE8 as a Windows Update and my boss said he upgraded to it, I figured it was safe to upgrade to it as well.  I’ve been enjoying the changes for a couple days now, but when I attempted to debug an ASP.NET application with Visual Studio 2005, it would no longer stop […]