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Determining what a SQL Server connection is doing

Quick note here describing how to find out what a connection to a Microsoft SQL Server is doing.  First you need to find the connection. Display current connections Use the sp_who2 stored procedure to find the current connections.  Use the following information to determine the connection of interest. SPID – The ID of the connection.  […]

Using PHP mail function with locked-down SMTP server

I host my own Exchange server and had accepted the restriction that I couldn’t use the PHP mail() function thinking it was an incompatibility with IIS.  It turns out, however, that my Exchange server (like most Exchange servers) requires a username and password to work. I found a user on a forum that solved this […]

Testing an SMTP Server

Microsoft has a good article on testing an SMTP server using Telnet.  I’ve summarized the steps here using the following information: SMTP server name Source domain name From email address Recipient email address Here is the summary of commands and responses.  Remember to press <ENTER> after each command. Command Response telnet […]

Auto Highlighting from an SSI Navigation Menu

Recently on I was in the process of converting the side navigation menu on the Strategy Guide sections to a Server Side IncludeW file.  Before making the switch to an SSI, the guide was copy and pasted between each page to provide the following:

Free Image Resources on the Web has a terrific article listing 30 free image resources on the web.  We’re always looking for images that can work in various situations – whether on our blogs, for school projects with the kids, for civic or ministry activities, etc.  This kind of list of sites is invaluable.  Visit that article for descriptions of […]