There are 5 themes included with the distribution:

  • MailPress – A pretty nice theme with MailPress graphics and colors.
  • classic – A theme based on the Classic WordPress theme.
  • default – A theme based on the Default WordPress theme.
  • nogent94 – A theme based on Andre’s web site.
  • nohtml – A plaintext-only theme.
  • plaintext – A theme that is used to generate the plain text portion of HTML emails. This theme doesn’t show up in the list of themes.

You can change the theme of email sent from your site by going to the MailPress Design page in one of the following ways:

  • Design » MailPress
  • MailPress » Design

You’ll notice that this page looks remarkably like the WordPress Design » Themes page – a very big plus in my book.  Selecting a theme shows an example of the confirmation template from the theme (the message sent to a subscriber confirming their subscription) in the same way selecting a WordPress theme shows your site using the selected theme.  One difference I found is that the Activate and close links are on opposite sides of the header bar, but that’s just nit-picking.


I found that some of these themes didn’t look very good when viewed in Microsoft Office Outlook.  The theme named default looks especially bad.  I’d like to see some extra testing done with all the themes to make sure that they work well with a larger variety of mail clients.

Of these themes, the MailPress theme looks the best – to me anyway.  The one thing about using it, though, is that it makes it look like the email is coming from a MailPress site instead of your site.  I’d like to see a generic HTML theme that doesn’t have any logos.  The nohtml theme is just too plain for my tastes.

Each of these themes offer fairly equivalent features – they all display the same basic information in their emails.  I did notice, however, that the moderation template was missing two links that are present in the standard WordPress moderation email – an Approve link and a link to view the moderation panel.

I’m sure we can expect themes to be added to this selection over time.  In fact, I’m working on a couple myself that I hope to release shortly, one that would fit in well with this site.