Like most plugins, the MailPress plugin can be installed simply by downloading the ZIP or RAR file, uncompressing it, copying the mailpress directory to your wp-content\plugins directory, then activating the plugin.  However, there is more involved to get it to work – you will need to configure it.

However, before configuring it, you will need to select the right version.  The version currently published on the WordPress Plugin Directory (1.9.2) is for WordPress 2.6.  Andre’s MailPress page has 1.9.3beta1 with some additional features (which I will be reviewing here) as well as 2.0 for WordPress 2.7.  The primary reason for the difference is the change to the admin panel in WordPress 2.7.  Andre is putting in a great deal of effort to make MailPress look like it belongs in WP 2.7.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you will want to configure it.