I’m so disappointed!  DVDSpot.com is a great site for cataloging DVDs and for finding something to watch, but now it is closing.  Here is the notice on their front page:

On Wednesday October 15th DVDSpot will be closed permanently. This decision was made to allow us to focus on other great web properties. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s contribution to the DVDSpot community and hope you enjoyed the free services it provided. We understand many people will not want to lose their personal collection data, so we remind you that you can export that data to file by going to Membership Tools while logged in and clicking the Export to File button. This will create a file with all movies in your Owned and Watched lists.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  There has been almost no development on the site for a long time.  But I’m still disappointed.  Any suggestions for a replacement?

EDIT (January 6, 2009): I’ve been checking out the two sites that have been suggested in the comments below (DvdCrate and DVD Corral).  DvdCrate is now out of beta, of which I was a part.  See my article on it here: DvdCrate – A DVDSpot Replacement.