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Microsoft posts Vista SP1 reliability patches

I’ve been hitting an odd problem on my Vista desktop machine for quite some time now where an error messaging stating that EXCEL.EXE "is not a valid Win32 application" when trying to launch Excel if I’ve been running for a while (e.g. several days or a week).  I looked on the net and in Microsoft’s […]

Work-around for Resolution Changes in Vista

I’ve been encountering problems in Vista on my multi-monitor equipped desktop computer where the resolution would get reset to 800×600 or 1024×768 on one or both monitors when unlocking in the morning.  Sometimes it would happen in the middle of the day.  Changing the resolution back would sometimes work but often wouldn’t let me set […]

Strong Opinions, Weakly Held

I was catching up on Joel Spolsky’s blog Joel on Software and ran across his discussion of podcasts on his new venture with Jeff Atwood called  In the podcast I read (#8) Jeff made reference to his belief in strong opinions, weakly held.  It goes something like this (from Bob Sutton): A couple years […]

Email works again

I finally got email working again from this site.  You can now email posts and pages to yourself or to others you think might be interested.  My apologies to all those that attempted to send pages/posts by email unsuccessfully.  Please try again. Thanks, David

Fix Vista Folder Template Assumptions

Windows Explorer (aka the Shell) in Vista (as in XP before it) provides folder templates which display the contents of folders in predefined ways.  The shell in Vista has been "improved" with a feature that "sniffs" the contents of a folder to determine which template to use if one has not been specified. If you […]