To display a single image from any gallery, specify the singlepic shortcode on a post or page.


id = the ID of the image (e.g. 1).

width, height = width and height in pixels to scale the image to.  These are maximums; the aspect ratio will be maintained.

mode (web20 or watermark) = options for displaying the image; web20 displays the image with a mirror-like effect with a reflection; watermark to add a watermark to the image.  This parameter is optional.

float (right, center, or left) = type of float CSS style to add to the image. This parameter is optional.

The singlepic shortcode displays a single picture from any gallery.  Clicking on the image displays the image as you have specified on the Effects options page.  With the default Thickbox effect, the background goes gray and a larger version of the image (if available) is displayed.



Mode = web20

The web20 mode displays the image with a mirror-like effect with a reflection.


Mode = watermark

The watermark mode adds a text or image overlay on the image based on what you have specified on the Watermark options page.



The float parameter indicates how to place the image with respect to the rest of the content around it.  It causes a float style to be added to the image HTML. Options include left, center, and right.


This text is displayed to the left of the image.

Wishlist / Caveats

  • It would be nice if the width and height parameters were optional and the values were taken from the image in the gallery.  This wouldn’t be as useful for large images, but for smaller inline images this would be very useful.
  • It would be nice if the image could be displayed with no link so that a custom link could be specified instead.  For example, I would like to be able to display an image and have it link to another web page or web site rather than bring up the “full size” image.
  • It appears that the full-size image is downloaded to the visitor’s machine which is less than ideal.  I’d prefer to have the option to download the thumbnail and scale that instead.


All images © 2008 Bethany Potter.  All rights reserved.