To display all images in a single gallery, specify the gallery shortcode on a post or page.


id = the ID of the gallery (e.g. 1).

The gallery shortcode displays the thumbnails for the images in a single gallery on the post or page.  The following options can be configured on the Gallery options page:

  • Number of images per page.  The default is 20.  If 0 is specified all the images in the gallery will be displayed.
  • Whether a slideshow link is included.
  • Whether to show a description or the alternate title text with each image.
  • Whether to display the gallery using the ImageBrowser viewer instead.
    • Note that the ImageBrowser viewer can be specified explicitly so it is unnecessary to set that option.
  • How to sort images.

These options can also be specified as custom fields on the post or page.

  • ngg_gal_ShowOrder
    • gallery – Show the gallery first
    • slide – Show the slideshow first
  • ngg_gal_Images
    • 0-xxx – (integer) Number of images per page
  • ngg_gal_Sort
    • pid – Sort thumbnails by image ID
    • filename – Sort thumbnails by file name
    • alttext – Sort thumbnails by Alt / Title text
  • ngg_gal_SortDirection
    • ASC – Sort in ascending order
    • DESC – Sort in descending order
  • ngg_gal_ShowDescription
    • none – Don’t show a description
    • desc – Show the description text
    • alttext – Show the Alt / Title text
  • ngg_gal_ShowSlide
    • 0 – Don’t show a slideshow link
    • 1 – Show a slideshow link
  • ngg_gal_ImageBrowser
    • 0 – Show images directly
    • 1 – Show images using the ImageBrowser viewer



Wishlist / Caveats

  • It would be nice if the above options (e.g. number of images, whether to show a description, etc.) could be specified as parameters.
  • It would be nice if thumbnail size could be specified.


All images © 2008 Bethany Potter.  All rights reserved.