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PowerShell Community Extensions

I’m working little-by-little towards using PowerShell as my primary command shell instead of cmd.exe.  I’m still a ways away, but PowerShell Community Extensions takes me a bit closer to my goal.  Here’s a description from their web site: PowerShell Community Extensions (PSCX) is aimed at providing a widely useful set of additional cmdlets, providers, aliases, […]

Easy Gravatars version 1.2.1

Dougal Campbell upgraded his Easy Gravatars plugin to version 1.2 to use the new get_avatars function in WordPress 2.5.  He hasn’t integrated my changes into his plugin so I’m releasing mine as a dot-release of his. My changes to his v1.2 release are the same as my changes to his previous releases: Improved admin page […]

Steps to add a domain to Exchange

I host several domains on my server, including  Recently I added another domain for a friend who is starting her own business.  I thought I remembered all the steps to provide both web site service and email service, but there was one I missed that I don’t remember being a requirement before. For background, […]

Configuring SQL Server after a rename

I’m in the process of moving to a two-machine development environment so my SQL Server processing will occur on one machine and my application will run on another machine.  I’m making this change since I’ve found that a single machine with 4GB can’t handle both processing 4 million records AND running an application that processes […]

NextGEN Gallery Review – Image Management

Image management is perhaps one of the strongest features of the NextGEN Gallery plugin compared with other image plugins, although until you learn a few concepts it can be a little difficult to use. Definitions Gallery – A collection of images.  Think of a gallery as a collection of images that are related, e.g. vacation […]

NextGEN Gallery Review – Configuration

There are a lot of options available in this plugin.  To configure it, you find a top-level Gallery menu in the admin menu.  The main page looks very similar to the WordPress Dashboard page.  The one thing that is missing is a link to the plugin page itself. Before you do anything else, go to […]

NextGEN Gallery Review – Installation

The installation instructions in the readme.txt file indicate that the plugin should be copied to a folder called nggallery, but Alex must have removed that requirement since writing that as the code clearly allows the plugin to be installed in any directory below wp-content\plugins.  I initially installed it in the nextgen-gallery directory and it worked […]

NextGEN Gallery Review – Introduction

I’d been looking for a better way to manage and display photos on my blogs when I ran across Alex Rabe’s fantastic NextGEN Gallery plugin.  It provides a comprehensive interface for managing photos and images through a set of admin pages, and it displays photos in a way that makes your web site look very […]