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Error handling in PowerShell scripts

When writing a PowerShell script, often you want to control what happens when an error occurs.  There are several mechanisms available, two of which I’ll describe here. $ErrorActionPreference variable The value of the $ErrorActionPreference variable tells PowerShell what it should do when an error is encountered.  Four values are recognized. Value Meaning SilentlyContinue Ignore the […]

Using PowerShell types with commands and variables

When executing a command in PowerShell that expects a non-string argument, sometimes you need to specify more than just the string representation of the parameter.  Here is an example using dates. PS> 2007-03 2004 PS> [DateTime]"2007-03" Monday, March 01, 2007 12:00:00 AM PS> [DateTime]::Parse("2007-03") Monday, March 01, 2007 12:00:00 AM You can also set the […]

Blogs in Plain English

Since discovering the power and simplicity of blogging this past summer, I’ve started to rethink the whole area of web sites and design.  Blogging is so simple, why not use blogging software to build a regular web site instead of some other web site framework?  Donncha O Caoimh, one of the developers of WordPress, posted […]