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PowerShell Scripts and Profiles

Each time you start up PowerShell, your session is set to an initial state.  Any changes you made in previous PowerShell sessions (with a few exceptions) are not remembered.  You could put all your configuration changes (e.g. alias definitions, new drives, function definitions, etc.) in a script and execute it as the first thing you […]

Commonly Used Cmdlets

The following cmdlets provide functionality that you may find yourself using on a regular basis. It’s also likely that you’ll use some of them without knowing it as you use DOS-based or UNIX-based aliases instead. Environment Cmdlets Cmdlet Alias/Alternate Description Get-Help helpman Gets help for a cmdlet or concept. Some useful parameters include -Detailed, -Examples, […]

Basic PowerShell Concepts

Although PowerShell provides access to the commands and applications available in cmd.exe in a fairly transparent way, there are still a lot of differences which means there is quite a steep learning curve.  Let’s start with the basics. Cmdlet A command in PowerShell is called a cmdlet (pronounced command-let).  A cmdlet is a two part […]

Getting PowerShell

When I worked at Microsoft I spent over a year working with Windows PowerShell (called Monad or Microsoft Shell (MSH) at the time).  PowerShell is a truly wonderful tool.  It is built on the .NET Framework and passes objects around instead of text.  It also allows a file system-like namespace to be built on any […]

Your YouTube Favorites – WordPress Plugin Review

The Weblog Tools Collection blog written by Jim Stitzel brings interesting themes and plugins to the attention of WordPress bloggers through the WordPress Dashboard.  A plugin that he blogged about recently was the Your YouTube Favorites by Ozh.  It provides functions and a widget for displaying your favorite YouTube videos on your sidebar. Overall Grade: […]

WP-DownloadManager – WordPress Plugin Review

I’ve been accumulating files that I’ve been making available for download from my site.  Initially I simply created a page and added a link each time I added a file, but this became rather cumbersome very quickly.  Add to that it was difficult to add a reference to the download in all the places I […]

1 Blog Theme – WordPress Theme Review

I’m a big fan of customization, particularly through the admin UI.  One reason is I host multiple sites from the same set of files using the multi-blogging solution and each site may want to have different features.  The 1 Blog Theme by Javier García is one of the most customizable themes I’ve run into so […]

RSS Feeds

I’m in the process of working on improved widgets for the sidebar.  The main theme I’ve been working on for a while now (FallSeason by Sadish Bala) has a nice sidebar section for feeds that displays an RSS icon next to the link for the two main feeds, and the Meta widget doesn’t display these.  […]