I noticed a phenomenon on this blog pretty early on where any references one post would make to another would cause a comment to be created on the referenced post from the referring post.  I didn’t know it at the time, but this is called a ping.  I suspect the immediate source of the term is from the networking command line utility allowing the user to see if a server is alive.  The original source of the term is from the navy (or some water-borne military organization) using SONAR where a sound would be made and a measurement would be taken to determine how long it would take for the sound to echo back.  The sound that was made sounds like tapping a glass, thus the term ping.

To the WordPress world, I’m sure this is all common knowledge.  In any case, I didn’t like seeing this kind of thing.  I like seeing pings from other sites, but not from my own site.  The No Self Pings plugin solves this problem.

Overall Grade: A
Plugin Name: No Self Pings
Version: 0.2
Plugin URI: http://blogwaffe.com/2006/10/04/421/
Description: Keeps WordPress from sending pings to your own site.
Author: Michael D. Adams
Author URI: http://blogwaffe.com/

Installation couldn’t be simpler.  Just put it in your WordPress plugins directory and activate it.


There really isn’t anything to do to use this plugin.  It just simply works.


I use this plugin because I really only want to see what others think about my posts, not what I think.  If you’re like me, download this plugin and install it and you’ll be happy with the result.