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A Better Notepad

The limitations of notepad in Windows are really quite annoying. When I was at Microsoft working on Windows Vista, Jeff Miller spent some time adding some very nice improvements to notepad but had to remove them for some reason (I’m confident it was a good reason; I just don’t know what it was). The main […]

Email problem in FallSeason theme solved

I solved the problem with using the WP-Email plugin in the FallSeason theme.  The problem was that when checking to see if there are any posts, several templates (index.php, page.php, and single.php) were checking this way: if ($posts) The correct way to check for posts is to do this instead: if (have_posts()) Changing that one […]

My Scattered 1.5 Theme Modifications

Based on the experimentation of plugins I’ve been doing, I’ve started to integrate the usage of some of them into the Scattered 1.5 theme. Style Changes Removed negative indenting of unordered lists. Changed the color of visited links so they show up. Changed unordered list indenting so the list entry marker is always displayed. Plugin […]

FallSeason WordPress Theme Update 1.2.drp.1

I’ve been working on another of Sadish Bala’s themes (SpotLight) for one of my sites and I’m pulling some of the work I’ve been doing there into FallSeason.  This is the first update on top of v1.2, so this is v1.2.drp.1. Integrated Sadish’s changes for WordPress 2.3 compatibility. Moved the intro text to the database […]

Ping Servers

How do you get your posts to be seen?  WordPress has a feature which automatically notifies sites when you publish a new post.  You can specify sites by going to the Options -> Writing admin page, which by default lists I found an article written by someone who did a little bit of research:  […]

Multi-Blogging Update

I know that Stephen Rider is coming out with an update soon, but I needed another feature that I felt was useful enough to release publicly. I was using the Exec-PHP plugin to embed a call to the print_virtual_sites_list() function in a post on my root site (, like this: <ul><?php print_virtual_sites_list(); ?></ul> This worked […]

Highlight Author Comments – WordPress Plugin Review

I’ve noticed on some blogs that when the author of the post comments on the post (e.g. in reply to another comment) that those comments stand out from the rest of the comments.  I really like this feature and would like to have this on all my themes.  What would be ideal is if I […]

Upgrading to WordPress 2.3

Note: I started this post almost three weeks ago (how time flies). I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my technical blog to WordPress 2.3 from 2.2.3.  One of the main reasons I wanted to move was for the better term support.  Specifically, WP 2.3 categories its terms so that you can more easily […]

Easier Gravatars

Dougal Campbell provided a much nicer implementation for adding gravatars to your comments called Easy Gravatars.  This solution doesn’t even require you to modify your theme files.  Very cool! I made a few improvements to his solution: Improved admin page layout, including more verbose descriptions of each of the options. Added Reset button to the […]


I started using WordPress in September and created quite a few while learning some of the ins and outs of the system. Then version 2.3 was released, which included a database schema change. Maintaining all my blogs was beginning to be a real hassle. Not only are there multiple databases/sets of tables, but I was […]

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