I’ve always been someone who wants to do things himself.  I’ve got a web server and email server running out of my house, for cryin’ out loud :-) .  I’ve been waiting to blog until I could host that on my server as well, but most of the good blogging software requires installing something like PHP or whatever and getting that configured has just taken more time than I’ve been able to give to the project.  I stumbled upon Windows Live Spaces by viewing a friend’s site.  It’s not that I hadn’t heard of it before.  It’s just that I never took it seriously before.  So I decided that I would get serious about blogging and created a blog there.  But the more I wanted to write, the more I felt I needed to be hosting it.  I finally bit the bullet and got MySQL and PHP working on my home server.  Then I installed WordPress.  After spending a bunch of time and figuring out how I wanted to organized my blogs, I finally got things working the way I wanted.  I’m not totally happy with the themes and such, but like most things technical, it’s a work in progress :-) .

I could spend a bunch of time writing about my experiences (in fact, I probably will :-) ).  For now, view the About page to learn more about me.

Hopefully I’ll write about something truly interesting that will make this space useful ;-) .

Thanks for reading!