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Utility to wait for a process – Wait.exe

As I mentioned in this post, I spent a bunch of time looking for a command line utility that would wait until a specific process has completed.  I was dumbfounded that I couldn’t find one, so I set out to write one.  I chose C# because all the tools are available.  Here is the usage […]

Launching apps & games from Vista Media Center (VMC), Part 2

In my previous post on this topic, I discussed the basics of extending Media Center to add entries to the menus, specifically Beyond TV from SnapStream Media.  Click here to see that post. Once I had that figured out and working, I figured I’d venture to another application used quite a bit by my family […]

inlineRSS – WordPress Plugin Review

I’ve been thinking lately that my top-level blog site ( should display a list of posts from the blogs they front. I finally got a bee in my bonnet about it and did a search for plugins that would do the trick. I found two that said they’d do it but only one of them […]

My FallSeason Theme Modifications

I’ve spent a bunch of time tweaking the FallSeason WordPress Theme by Sadish Bala to work for me, and I’m pretty happy with the results.  I’ve left all the identifying information virtually intact, but I have changed the version number and added my name as a modifier so that the resulting theme can be distinguished […]

FallSeason – WordPress Theme Review

This is a very attractive theme, one I will likely switch one or more of my blogs to.  The author did a very nice job with the banner image – it looks like it expands naturally with a very well blended break. EDIT:  As of today (9/20), I’m currently using an incarnation of the FallSeason […]

Converting wildcard to regular expression

I needed to build wildcard support into a C# app I am building.  The user needs to be able to enter a string with wildcards that represent SQL table names.  It’s pretty handy that the .NET Framework includes a regular expression parser in the System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace.  However I couldn’t find a simple wildcard parser anywhere […]

WP-Email – WordPress Plugin Review

Sometimes it’s handy to be able to just send the contents of a page that you’re viewing to your inbox or to someone else you think might be interested. This plugin allows a visitor to send a post or page or just a snippet (the blog owner’s choice) from an email address of their choice […]

WP-Print – WordPress Plugin Review

Most blogs have so much stuff around the main body of information that you end up using up a lot more pages when you print a particular post or page. This plugin displays the post or page with all its text and formatting, a listing of all the links, a link to actually print the […]

WP-PostViews – WordPress Plugin Review

It’s always nice to see how popular a post is when you’re visiting a blog. Maybe it’s my vanity, but especially like to see it on my own posts. This plugin makes it easy to add an indicator on a page or with a post to tell you how many non-registered members have viewed the […]

Scattered w/ Widgets 1.5 – WordPress Theme Review

I really like this theme. I’ve been using it as my main theme for both my personal and technical blogs for most of the time I’ve been using WordPress (almost 2 weeks now ). What really caught my eye right off was that title popups are displayed with transparency. It just looks cool! It isn’t […]

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