“Tuesdays with Morrie” at Taproot Theatre

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My wife and I have been Taproot Theatre subscribers for quite a few years now and really enjoy what Taproot puts out.  Last weekend we attended a performance of their current play Tuesdays with Morrie.  What a wonderful play it was.  It’s one of those plays that stays with you and causes you to think long after you’ve left the theater.  Here is what I left thinking about.

How others feel about themselves

Karen Lund who directed the play wrote about this in the Director’s Notes section of the billet.  Mitch, played so excellently by Aaron Lamb, says something to the effect that he feels better about himself  – that he is a better person – after having been with Morrie.  How often do we think about how we affect others?  Don’t we usually think about how we feel?  The play really emphasized to me that if people feel they are a better person after having been with us, we are making a positive contribution to life – ours and theirs – and to our culture.  It’s similar to what Jesus told us to do in the Gospels – not to hide our candles under a bushel – but in a more personal way.  When we meet with someone one-on-one, can we say that we have related to them in a way that has made them a better person?  Hmm.

Our aging loved ones

One of the main points of the play is how those we love handle their own dying.  Understandably the play caused me to think about my own father who is 75 and has heart trouble.  He also doesn’t have a personal relationship with the Lord, which increases my angst that he might end up dying before he’s ready – before I’m ready.  Just as Mitch was not ready for Morrie to die, I am not ready for my dad to die.  Clearly my father has had a profound impact on my life, sometimes in ways that I couldn’t tell were positive until many years later.  I was so impressed with how Mitch in the play flew from his home in Detroit (or from wherever he happened to be on a story at the time) to Massachusetts to visit Morrie every Tuesday.  What am I willing to do to spend time with my dad, to impact his life in a positive way?  What will it take for me to be ready to let him go?  I’m pretty sure he isn’t ready to go yet either, but I have an sense of urgency to make sure I’ve told him how much I love him, how much he means to me, and to make sure I’ve done all I can for him in the area of spiritual things.

Thank you, Taproot – Karen, Aaron, Nolan (who was masterful as Morrie), and everyone else there – for allowing me to ponder these things.  My apologies for not sharing my thoughts sooner.

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