Apostles of Comedy at Overlake Christian Church

April 27th, 2009  Email Email  Print Print  

My family has been following some of the clean comics that have emerged over the past few years, including Brad Stine, and my wife won tickets from Spirit 105.3 to go see the Apostles of Comedy at Overlake Christian Church this past Sunday.  I wasn’t familiar with them, but I was expecting it to be a fun event.

I wasn’t disappointed.  The Apostles of Comedy consists of four comedians – Ron Pearson, Anthony Griffith, Jeff Allen, and Brad Stine.  All four of these men, as committed Christians, are also committed to clean comedy, believing that you don’t need to use profanity or dwell on vulgar topics to be funny.

At the concert we attended, I especially appreciated how the men revealed a little bit of their personal lives.  Jeff, whose humor targets teenagers and his marriage, talked about how important his wife is to him, which I found to be especially inspiring.

We brought our 11-year-old and 14-year-old sons with us and weren’t embarrassed even one time, although the humor was sometimes over their heads.  All-in-all, it was a fun evening.  I’d recommend the Apostles of Comedy to anyone, Christian or not.

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